Aug 31, 2007

Wii's taking over

Aug 29, 2007

Anybody out there?

So I worked late last night, and fell asleep today without posting. I will post something, but I was wondering if people are liking the comic? I see we have had some voters! Thanks so much for that, but I'm looking for some input from you guys! what do you of whats going on? Do you miss the regular daily posting, do you like the every other day thing? just post a reply. And it can be anonymous, I don't mind.

Here is the strip

Aug 27, 2007

30 seconds

So doing this during the release of TMNT on DVD would have been cooler, but here it is anyway!

Aug 24, 2007

Geek Talk

So what this means for you non-geek fans out there is: The actor that plays Sylar the bad guy from Season 1 of Heroes, is going to be the actor that plays Spock in the new Star Trek Movie. The news is a bit old (it came out during Comic Con), but bear with Billy. He is a hillbilly, and this town is usually 3 years behind, so consider this an improvement!

Aug 23, 2007


I had to work the grave yard last night... then come back 8 hours later for the afternoon shift.. I hope the guy doesn't seem rushed. Also pretend this is still last week, and this guest hasn't really been staying for 2 weeks.

Aug 22, 2007

Pizza Delivery

I know I just introduced a new thing yesterday, but I have been wanting to add 'Kev' the pizza dude for a while now. Kev will add a new dimension of jokes that I hope you all will enjoy! By the way Kev's full name is Kevin Penn, and he's kinda this surfer dude... that lives next to a lake....

Aug 21, 2007

In honor of Mike

So this is kinda a weird way to pay tribute to mike, but this plant is now going to be in almost every strip. (any where it involves the desk) So I will actually be paying tribute to Mike Wieringo in every strip this just explains it. This strip is also one of the only ones where spring and Allen will get along. Also starting next week I will be doing the strip every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and every other Sunday. This way I will have more time to make them, and the series will last longer.

Aug 19, 2007

takeing a break

So I know I haven't posted like I said I would. to be honest. a daily comic has been very time consuming. So I decided to take the week off. I will have a new comic Tuesday or so.

Aug 15, 2007


Ok I have an idea to pay tribute.. but I was working the graveyard last night. So I need to sleep, but I should get it online later tonight and start getting into the regular story tomorrow.

Aug 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo's death

I will not be posting a new comic for Tuesday. I discovered today that my favorite comic book artist died Sunday of a heart attack. This has deeply saddened me. He was the man that really inspired me to draw. He had a website he posted to regularly.. which seems to be taken down now here, and a news article about the tragic event here. When My father died I turned to comics at the age of 13. Mike was the greatest artist I'd ever seen. I was lucky enough to see him once in my lifetime, but the lost of this very influential man has greatly saddened me. I will probably devote the next comic to a tribute to him... If you want to see his art, he still has his deviant page here. And this pic in the post was the last he ever posted on his site. If this post makes little sense, you can tell the pain I am feeling.

Angel Look alike???

Scott's and Spring in real life are Uber Buffy Geeks... I've just jumped on the bandwagon, but its cool! Joss Whedon is a mastermind, when it comes to Firefly/Serenity so I had to like Buffy... right!?

Aug 12, 2007

Wrong Key

So this kinda did really happen... but I really did give the wrong key out.. Oops, but the guest making the mistake is funnier! lol

Aug 10, 2007

Aug 8, 2007

Air Freshener

Thanks for voteing, I'm going to keep the poll going for a while... hopefully to get more votes.

Aug 5, 2007

Locked out.

So don't forget the poll on the right. Let me know, and leave a comment.

Aug 3, 2007

Coffee... the finale frontier??

So I hope anyone who watches Battlestar Galactica has seen the season finale... cause you won't know what I mean if you don't.

Also if you haven't noticed I added a poll on the right side of the page. I basically want to know how many of you are reading, and how often you come around.

A Trekkie checks in

So I'm not a huge fan of Star Trek, but its not all bad. And I won't kill you if you like it... but you better like Star Wars too! (I have watched most of the Treks... DS9 is the only really good one... the Borg stuff was cool too in Next Gen.)

Aug 2, 2007

New Thundercats Movie

So what Allen is talking about, is a new Thundercats Movie! After TMNT and the DVD sales of Thundercats. the powers that be @ Warner Brothers has decided to make a Thundercats 3d movie!

Aug 1, 2007