Tourist Trap USA: Tourists come and go, The staff are stuck there.

       We have all driven past one, some of us have even had the "pleasure" of visiting one, but only a few individuals know what it’s like to experience a tourist trap town, everyday. Tourist Trap USA explores a town that is overly saturated with tourist traps - seen through the eyes of the staff from a local timeshare resort.
        Many of the gags are about the silly and sometimes stupid things tourists do while on vacation, as well as the many various kinds of insane attractions tourists can experience in this great country! The strip follows a cast of characters that are just as insane as the ‘traps’ in the town.
       After one employee slacks off too much and the entire staff is forced to ‘learn’ about the ‘attractions’ in the town or be fired. The main focus of the comic strip  is on two of the reclusive geeks that work the front desk, as they visit various tourist traps and how they interact with the guests staying at the resort.

Tourist Trap USA is product of two guys that have been best buddies since the first grade. Envisioned by Anthony Hunter, and edited/co-written by Jody Mauter. If you want to know about Anthony through his "web presence" then you can check out his various pages on these social media sites. Facebook, Twitter tumblr, and DeviantArt

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