Aug 13, 2007

Mike Wieringo's death

I will not be posting a new comic for Tuesday. I discovered today that my favorite comic book artist died Sunday of a heart attack. This has deeply saddened me. He was the man that really inspired me to draw. He had a website he posted to regularly.. which seems to be taken down now here, and a news article about the tragic event here. When My father died I turned to comics at the age of 13. Mike was the greatest artist I'd ever seen. I was lucky enough to see him once in my lifetime, but the lost of this very influential man has greatly saddened me. I will probably devote the next comic to a tribute to him... If you want to see his art, he still has his deviant page here. And this pic in the post was the last he ever posted on his site. If this post makes little sense, you can tell the pain I am feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Your commments make all the sense in the world. Just one look at any of Wieringo's work and you know that he was one of the greats. How is it that the real great persons of our time - the ones that inspire so much - seem to leave us too soon? Your grief is understood by me and undoubtedly by all who will read this blog. May his legacy live on.